Faculty Work by year



Submissions from 2018


MIA: The Liberal Men We Love, Amy Butcher


Visiting Writers Series: Amy Butcher, Amy Butcher


Women These Days, Amy Butcher


Consolation Puppies: A Graphic Essay, Amy Butcher and Martha Park


From MFA Thesis To Published Book, Amy Butcher, Nicole Walker, Catina Bacote, and Kelly Sundberg

Ginger extract inhibits the replication of T2 bacteriophage by inhibiting the synthesis of nucleosides, Gerald Goldstein, Sarah Bergman, Marielle Buss, Mary Cranley, and Nicholas Reed

Lifespan Memory, Lynda K. Hall


New records and rediscoveries of plants in Singapore, David M. Johnson, R.C.J. Lim, and S. Lindsay


A revision of Xylopia L. (Annonaceae): the species of Tropical Africa, David M. Johnson and Nancy A. Murray

Prisoner of Conscience, Jennifer Jolley

Alfred Tibor and Marty Kalb, Marty Kalb

Spotlight: Featured Artists at the Ohio Governor's Residence, Marty Kalb

'Scrappy’ Sustainability at Ohio Wesleyan University, John Krygier and Emily Howald

Problems Related to Eating, Nutrition, and Body Image, Christopher Modica

Contemporary Regulatory Policy, Franchesca V. Nestor, Marc Allen Eisner, Jeff Worsham, and Evan J. Ringquist

Ryu se viste para matar: el universo noir de Isabel Coixet [Ryu Dressed to Kill: Isabel Coixet’s Noir Universe], Eva Paris-Huesca

Female dark‐eyed juncos Junco hyemalis thurberi produce male‐like song in a territorial context during the early breeding season, Dustin Reichard, Daniel E. Brothers, Serena E. George, Jonathan W. Atwell, and Ellen D. Ketterson

Global Ethics, Epistemic Colonialism, and Paths to More Democratic Knowledges, Shari Stone-Mediatore

Little Red Riding Hood, Glen Vanderbilt

Fundamentals of Physics, Jearl Walker, David Halliday, Robert Resnick, and Brad R. Trees

Submissions from 2017


Rivers of Risk and Redemption in Gregory of Tours’ Writings, Ellen Arnold

Internet Gaming Disorder in Children and Adolescents, Kira Bailey, Douglas A. Gentile, Daphne Bavelier, Jeanne Funk Brockmeyer, Hilarie Cash, Sarah M. Coyne, Andrew Doan, Donald S. Grant, Shawn Green, and Mark Griffiths

Media Multitasking and Cognitive, Psychological, Neural, and Learning Differences, Kira Bailey, Melina R. Uncapher, Lin Lin, Larry D. Rosen, Heather L. Kirkorian, Naomi S. Baron, Joanne Cantor, David L. Strayer, Thomas D. Parsons, and Anthony D. Wagner


Did I do that? The Association Between Action Video Gaming Experience and Feedback Processing In a Gambling Task, Kira Bailey and Robert West

Second Coming, D.B. Borton

Smoke, D.B. Borton


Bare Necessities, Amy Butcher


Gradient, Amy Butcher


How the Depressed Find Solace on Yik Yak, Believe It or Not, Amy Butcher

Taking Shape, Amy Butcher


What a Third-Grade Geography Lesson Taught Me About a Woman’s Place In the World, Amy Butcher


What I Learned From Visiting the Grave of My Mom’s Teenage Boyfriend, Amy Butcher

Introduction, David Caplan

Making Love in Mirrors: Hip-Hop Seduction Rhyme, David Caplan

On Rhyme, David Caplan


Review of American Anger: An Evidentiary, by H.L. Hix, David Caplan


Review of Selfish: Poems, by Albert Goldbarth, David Caplan

The Art of Exclusion: Form and Prosody in American Poetry Since 1970, David Caplan


New Species of Hammerschmidtiella Chitwood, 1932, and Blattophila Cobb, 1920, and New Geographical Records for Severianoia Annamensis Van Luc & Spiridonov, 1993 (Nematoda: Oxyurida: Thelastomatoidea) from Cockroaches (Insecta: Blattaria) in Ohio and Florida, U.S.A., Ramon A. Carreno

The Marriage and Family Experience: Intimate Relationships in a Changing Society, Theodore F. Cohen and Bryan Strong


An Algebra-Based Introductory Computational Neuroscience Course with Lab, Christian G. Fink


Emergence of Narrowband High Frequency Oscillations from Asynchronous, Uncoupled Neural Firing, Christian G. Fink, Stephen Gliske, William Stacey, Eugene Lim, and Katherine Holman


Understanding Spatial and Temporal Patterning of Astrocyte Calcium Transients Via Interactions Between Network Transport and Extracellular Diffusion, Christian G. Fink, E. Shtrahman, D. Maruyama, E. Olariu, and M. Zochowski

Review of A Time of Scandal: Charles R. Forbes, Warren G. Harding, and the Making of the Veterans Bureau by Rosemary Stevens, Michael W. Flamm

Urban Upheaval and the Enduring Appeal of Law and Order, Michael W. Flamm

Strategic Fouls: A New Defense, Erin E. Flynn

Apollo in the Aeneid, Lee M. Fratantuono

Pallasne Exurere Classem: Minerva in the Aeneid, Lee M. Fratantuono

Lucullus: The Life and Campaigns of a Roman Conqueror, Lee M. Fratantuono

The Ambiguous Arms of Aeneas, Lee M. Fratantuono

The Economic Impact of Immigration into the United States, Robert J. Gitter

Child’s Best Friend: Is a Dog Visitor a Good Fit for Our Preschool?, Katherine Glenn-Applegate and Kellie Leggett Hall

Child’s Best Friend: Preparing for and Reaping the Benefits of a Dog in School, Katherine Glenn-Applegate and Kellie Leggett Hall


Effect of the length of antisense RNA on bacterial enzyme production, Gerald Goldstein, E.T. McKenzie, N.R. Reed, and A.C. Smith


Centriolar SAS-7 Acts Upstream of SPD-2 to Regulate Centriole Assembly and Pericentriolar Material Formation, Danielle R. Hamill, Kenji Sugioka, Joshua Lowry, Marie McNeely, Molly Enrick, Alyssa Richter, Lauren Kiebler, James Priess, and Bruce Bowerman

The Effects of Political Advertising, Jenny Holland and Travis Ridout


New Species of Xylopia (Annonaceae) from East Africa, David M. Johnson, Nancy Murray, Quentin Luke, and David Goyder


Plastid and Seed Morphology Data Support a Revised Infrageneric Classification and an African Origin of the Pantropical Genus Xylopia (Annonaceae), David M. Johnson, Gregory Stull, Nancy Murray, Thomas Couvreur, Jenna Reeger, and Caroline Roy

Never Forget, Never Remember, Jennifer Jolley

Recomposing Scriabin, Jennifer Jolley

Shine A Light on Our Rights, Jennifer Jolley

The Eyes of the World Are Upon You, Jennifer Jolley

The Eyes of the World Are Upon You, Jennifer Jolley

The Lives and Opinions of Literary Cats, Jennifer Jolley

The Lives and Opinions of Literary Cats, Jennifer Jolley

Computing in the Arts: Curricular Innovations and Results, Jennifer Jolley and Alan Zaring

Marty Kalb Retrospective, Marty Kalb

Rockin' the Free World!: How the Rock & Roll Revolution Changed America and the World, Sean Kay


Effects of Activity, Genetic Selection, and Their Interaction on Muscle Metabolic Capacities and Organ Masses in Mice, Scott Kelly, Fernando Gomes, Erik Kolb, Jessica Malisch, and Theodore Garland


Prevention of Tumorigenesis in Mice by Exercise is Dependent on Strain Background and Timing Relative to Carcinogen Exposure, Scott Kelly, Liyang Zhao, Kuo-Chen Jung, Kunjie Hua, David Threadgill, Fernando Manuel de Villena, and Daniel Pomp


Clio and Thalia: Attic Comedy and Historiography, Donald Lateiner

Disgust in the Latin Novels of Petronius and Apuleius, Donald Lateiner

Double-Trouble in Ovid’s Ceyx and Alcyone, Donald Lateiner

Introduction: Ancient and Modern Modes of Understanding and Manipulating Disgust, Donald Lateiner

Review of A Cultural History of the Senses in Antiquity, edited by Jerry Toner, Donald Lateiner


Review of Hope, Joy, and Affection in the Classical World, edited by Ruth R. Caston and Robert A. Kaster, Donald Lateiner

Review of Sight and the Ancient Senses, edited by Michael Squire, Donald Lateiner

Review of The Cambridge Companion to Xenophon, edited by Michael Flower, Donald Lateiner


Review of The Spartan Regime: Its Character, Origins, and Grand Strategy, by Paul Rahe, Donald Lateiner

The emotion of disgust, provoked and expressed in earlier Greek literature, Donald Lateiner

The Ancient Emotion of Disgust, Donald Lateiner and Demos Spatharas

Conodont Fauna Constrains the Deposition of the Delaware Limestone from the Middle of the Australis Zone into the Upper Portion of the Kockelianus Zone, Keith O. Mann

Wayfaring Strangers: A Case Study in Island Identity in Insular Metalwork, Carol Neuman de Vegvar


Heredity Beyond the Rougon-Macquart: The Case of Travail, Ana Oancea


Review of Fairy Tales for the Disillusioned: Enchanted Stories from the French Decadent Tradition (Oddly Modern Fairy Tales), edited by G. Schultz and L. Seifert, Ana Oancea


The Temptation of the Material in Jean Lorrain’s Fairy Tales: ‘La Princesse sous verre’ and ‘La Princesse Neigefleur’, Ana Oancea


Verne at Lyon's Fête des Lumières: New Media, Old Dystopia, Ana Oancea

Female Victims, Heroines, and Law Enforcers: Polyphony of Identities in Susana Martín Gijón´s Novels, Eva Paris-Huesca

Visiones contemporáneas de la mujer criminal en las novelas de Cristina Fallarás y Empar Fernández, Eva Paris-Huesca

Blood Wedding, Eva Paris-Huesca and Edward Kahn

Mujeres en los Orígenes del Cine / Women Pioneers of the Camera: The Off-Screen, Eva Paris-Huesca and Barbara Zecchi

Humanity: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, James G. Peoples and Garrick Bailey


Basket Becomes Codex: A Poem by Trevino Brings Plenty in the Portland Art Museum, Karen Poremski

Building Canoes, Building Poetry: Cultural Revival in the Voyages of Hōkūle’a and the Poetry of Craig Santos Perez, Karen Poremski


Condition and Context-Dependent Factors Are Related to Courtship Behavior of Paired and Unpaired Males in a Socially Monogamous Songbird, Dustin Reichard, Abigail Kimmitt, Joseph Welklin, and Ellen Ketterson


The Impact of Substrate and Irrigation Interval on the Post-Transplant Root Growth of Container-Grown Zinnia and Tomato, Bruce Roberts, Chris Wolverton, and Lauren Janowicz

Adamar de Minerva Margarita Villarreal: Un Recorrido Lírico por el Amor, Juan Armando Rojas

Desde la Ventanilla, Juan Armando Rojas

La Casa Amurallada, Juan Armando Rojas

Tacitus: Annals XVI, Tacitus and Lee M. Fratantuono