Submissions from 2016

A Battling Bishop at War: The Civil War Service of Henry Crozier, OWU Class of 1866, Andrew Stock


Actions That A (Wo)Man Might Play, Hannah Simpson

Adapting 19th Century French Novel into Modern Film: Madame Bovary becomes Ms. Bovary, Kristen Nooney, Jessica Sanford, and Meaghan Teitelman


Ancient Roman Libraries: Culture, Access and Patronage at Play, Sarah Lucas

An Investigation of Censorship in North African Literature and Film, Allyson Wojnoski

Apocalypse and Islamophobia: A New Era in American Civil Religion, Dominic Mejia

Approximation Methods for the One-Dimensional Time-Independent Schrodinger Equation with Power-Law Potential, Khanh Le

A Recursive Formulation for a Rank Sum Statistic Used to Detect Genomic Copy Number Variation, Nam Tran Hoang

Asynchronous Neural Activity: New Underpinnings in Epilepsy?, Eugene Lim

Attitudes About University Governance at Ohio Wesleyan, Rachel Charles, Cierra Cresanto, Kristie Kinberg, and Luke Waters

Avian Biodiversity in Primary Growth, Secondary Growth, and Clear Cut Habitats, Kyle Davis


Behavior and Activity Budgets of Costa Rican Basilisks, Serena George


Bodas de Sangre: When Destiny and Tragedy Conquest Love, Rosa Escobar, Michael Mora-Brenes, and Martha Ronquillo-Garcia

Characteristics of Geoffroy's Tamarin (Saguinus geoffroyi) Population, Demographics, and Territory Sizes in Urban Park Habitat (Parque Natural Metropolitano, Panama City, Panama), Caitlin McNaughton

Cinematic Analysis: Of Gods and Men, Chloe Holmes

Concise Synthesis of N-Boc-2,3-methanoproline Methyl Ester, Alexander Landgraf


Conversations About Race: Links Between Racial Socialization, Coping, and Racial Beliefs, Morgan Christie


Deforestación y Reforestación: Studying and Documenting the Affects of Deforestation and Subsequent Environmental Restoration Efforts in Chilean Patagonia's Chacabuco Valley, Jackson Hotaling


Dusting Elephants, Kelly Summers

Examining Viability and Parental Contributions in a Spindle Assembly Mutant in C. elegans, Alyssa Richter and Lauren Kiebler


Extreme Cold Weather in January South China, Dianyi Li

Hyperlexia: Research and Case Study, Alanna Spalsbury

In Service to Cathleen: Exploring a Feminine Ireland and Irish Femininity in “The Lost Land”, Chloe Dyer

Iowa Corn Production and its Impact on The Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico, Sadie Parsons


Japanese Female Entrepreneurship, Emily Julius

Julio Cortázar y el Mundo del Realismo Mágico, Ally Mundt

Las Mujeres Castigadas, Amy Greenwood, N’Toia Hawkins, and Meghan Schulze


Leaf Characteristics and Structural Diversity of Bat Tents in Costa Rica, Francesca Socki


Les Femmes Nues: The Evolution and Devolution of Women as Sexual Fantasies in Le Pain Nu by Mohamed Choukri, Abigail Hanson

Literature to Film: Madame Bovary, Emma Beale, Ornella Bisamaza, Onyinye Okoli, and Victor Soder

Mars: Visualizing Ancient Hydrology with Software and 3D Models, Beau Srinivasan


Ohio Wesleyan Students’ Perceptions of Economic Issues and Inequality, Cameron Dawson, Johanna Meyer, Alyssa Rhinesmith, Carson Shaw, and Viesulas Sliupas


Optimizing Growth Conditions for the Study of Plant Gravity Perception on the ISS, Susannah Waxman and Onyinye Okoli

Ozone as a Ketal Deprotective Agent, Nam Tran Hoang


Patients or Patents? The Role of Intellectual Property Rights and Pharmacology in Northern India, Valentina Marginean


Perceiving Gender Through Frameworks of Power, Jamie Chornoby

Portuguese Experiment with Drug Decriminalization: Lessons on How to Win the War on Drugs, Luke Waters

Progress Toward the Total Synthesis of Cryptocaryol A, Erin Boedicker and Zhiyao Li

RNAi As a Potential Mechanism of Antiviral Immunity in Neurons, Yuxiao Tan

Sexuality, Politics and Gender in Morocco, Mariama Goodwin

Should Tutoring Be More Communal?: How Writing Workshops Affect Tutee Satisfaction, Julia Stone and Chase Smith


Spanish Drama Blog: Bodas de Sangre, Natalie Wynne and Evan Snapp

Specializations of the Lawrence Representations of the Braid Groups at Roots of Unity, Khanh Le

Students and Civic Engagement at OWU, Laura Benson, Jude Fahoum, Caitlin Maggio, Kelsey Morrison, and Solomon Shepherd

Sustainability at Ohio Wesleyan University, Blake Brewer, Allie France, Emily Howald, James Ormerod, and Zanna Wright

The Arab Spring Uprisings: What Makes the Successful Overthrow of the Regime?, Cierra Cresanto

The Berimbau: A Symbol of Enduring Angolan Cultural Heritage, Quenton Stokes-Brown

The Compatible Nature of Evolution in an American Christian Systematic Theology, A.J. Barnhardt

The Creation of Martyr – The Clara Maas Story, Mackenzie Sommers

The Development of Resident Professional Theatre in the USA, 1913-2013: A Geographic Perspective, Luke Steffen

The Effect of 6-chloro-tryptophan on QUIN Accumulation in Spinal Cord Injury, Yasmin Radzi


The Effect of Capture Method on Microbial Abundance in Plumage of Eastern Yellow Robins (Eopsaltria australis), Larynn Cutshaw and Nadya Sotnychuk

The Exoticism of “Le Pain Nu”, Montana Knapp

The Impact of Social Functioning on Behavior in Young Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Madeline Bonfield

The Persistence of Scientific Racism in Azouz Begag's Béni ou le Paradis Privé, Onyinye Okoli

The Role of Autophagy in Traumatic Brain Injury and Hypothermia, Emily Scott

The Role of Theatre in Spain Today, Christopher MacDonald


The Vanishing River: Water Availability and Tourism in Uvita, Costa Rica, Christopher Pessell

Town Gown Relationships in Delaware Ohio, Adrian Bishop, Sarah Kohn, Reilly Reynolds, and Michael Mora-Brenes

Valle-Inclán and Goya: The Men in the Mirror, Emma Sampson and Christopher Tosino

Witchcraft in 16th-17th Century Spain, Lissette Gonzalez, Michael Mora-Brenes, and Adriana Rodriguez


With Brave Wings She Flies: Women Pilots in World War II, Sarah Lucas

Wittgenstein on Mathematical Objects, Joseph Kirincic

Writing St. Godelieve: Drogo of Saint-Winnoc’s Authorial Imprint, Christine Mendiola

Submissions from 2015

2015 Nigerian Presidential Election: A New Reality, Memme Onwudiwe

An Exploration of the Structure, Dynamics, and Impact on Quality of Life of Selected Short Food Supply Chains (SFSCs) in Italy and the United States, Nathan Madonich and Sara Scinto

An Investigation of College Student Illness, Sarah Love

A Preliminary Study of Tanzanian Perceptions of African Americans, Shelli Reeves

A Recursive Formulation for a Rank Sum Statistic Used to Detect Genomic Copy Number Variation, Nam Tran Hoang

Aristotle and the Explosive Vegetable: Exploring Classical Thought in Modern Logic, Eugene Lim

A Spanish Noir Short Film, Kyle Hendershot, Jack Kubicki, Chase Leaders, and Kati Molnar

Being Bossy and Being Female: Gender Effects on Identity Management, Megan Buys

Called It! The Intersection of Sexual Orientation Perception, Attraction, and Community Embeddedness, Kyle Simon

Carbon Fixation and Recycling Via Microbial Mats, Jordan Brown

Creating Consent Culture in Early Childhood Classrooms, Zoe Morris

Development of a Brain Controlled Video Game, Jongwoon Kim

Draft Sustainability Plan for OWU, GEOG 499 - Seminar: OWU Campus Sustainability Plan

Evaluating the Tectonic History of the Chugach-Prince William Terrane Through Geochemistry and Petrography of Orca Group Volcanic Rocks in Eastern Prince William Sound, Alaska, Elaine Young

Fluctuating Asymmetry as a Conservation Management Tool for Indicator Species of the Open Longleaf Pin Forest Ecosystem, Emily Webb

Hereford Mappa Mundi as Guide to Salvation, Sarah Thomas

Historical Trauma and Cultural Embeddedness in the Lakota People: Links to Narrative Characteristics, Suzanne (Annie) Pappenhagen

Impact of Male:Female Ratio on Male Mating Behaviors ofPoecilia latipinna, Shane Gorbett

Isolation of Corn Stalks Degrading Microbes from Soil, Yuxiao Tan

Oil Drilling in ‘Post-Neoliberal’ Ecuador and its Impact on Indigenous Autonomy in the Yasuní, Hannah Sampson

On the Noosphere and the Nature of Thought: Towards an Object-Oriented Ontological Perspective of Thinking, Abhinandan Biswas

Pedals, Khoa Lam

Professional and Sexual Identities in the Workplace, Jacob Henicheck and Kyle Simon

SecuraBand, Mira Singhal

The Birds and the Bees: Talking About Sex in Tanzania, Mary Katherine Caja

The Feeling’s in the Beat, Caitlen Sellers

The Impact of Explicit L1 Knowledge on the Retention of Grammar Concepts in Beginning L2 Students, Emily Keiser

The Impact of Stress on Episodic vs. Semantic Memory, Kaitlyn Kropf and Katie Swindler

The Irrelevance of Free Will and Moral Responsibility, Lucas Peters

The Motility and Chemotaxis of Bacillus spp. Isolated from Songbird Plumage, Madeline Vroom

The Poaching Crisis: Leaving Rhino Orphans Helpless, Shannon Schlater

The Search for Pyramid-Like Shape in 70Ge, Khanh Le