Samuel Park



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Samuel Park is serving on the Board of Stewards for the Granville Circuit. He writes to Finley (Presiding Elder of the Zanesville District) in opposition to David Whitcomb's (Presiding Elder, Columbus District) proposed plan to divide the Granville Circuit, whereby Granville and Parks Society would be transferred to Johnstown Circuit. Park prefers that Hebron, Granville and Johnstown Circuits be "thrown together" and made into two circuits. If this can't be done, and there must be a division, he would like to see Parks Society transferred to the Hebron Circuit. Furthermore, circuit divisions are generally recommended by preachers who do not have the best interests of the congregations in mind. Members of the congregations know best if and how circuits ought to be divided. Last but not least, dividing circuits is a major problem for Boards of Stewards. The process of breaking up and reconstituting Boards of Stewards is time consuming and complex, resulting in late payments to preachers, etc. Abstract Number - 236

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Pleasant Hill


General Ministry; Circuit Realignment; Circuit Division; Stewards; Granville Circuit; Hebron Circuit; Johnstown Circuit; Parks Society

Letter from Samuel Park to James B. Finley