Theatre & Dance Faculty Work

The Department of Theatre & Dance and the Department of Music consolidated following the 2020-2021 academic year. For new faculty work, please see the Department of Performing Arts.


Submissions from 2018

Bear Traps & Other Impressions, Rashana Perks Smith

Little Red Riding Hood, Glen Vanderbilt

Submissions from 2017

Blood Wedding, Eva Paris-Huesca and Edward Kahn

Submissions from 2016

Dark Skies and Bright Stages, Glen Vanderbilt

Submissions from 2014

At the Wall, Bonnie Milne Gardner

Submissions from 2011


Showing off the Drummers: Zeami as a Pragmatic Producer, Edward Kahn

Submissions from 2008

One Last Mass, Bonnie Milne Gardner

The Day that Cries Forever, Bonnie Milne Gardner


Desdemona and the Role of Women in the Antebellum North, Edward Kahn

Submissions from 2006

A Basic Skills Grading Scheme for Acting Non-Majors, Edward Kahn

Submissions from 2005

Drama: Critical Approaches, Edward Kahn

The Runner Stumbles, Llewellyn B. Rabby

Submissions from 2004

Day Old Bread, Bonnie Milne Gardner

Chant Dances, Natalie Marrone and The Dance Cure

Orientation, Llewellyn B. Rabby and Tom S. Long