The Exoticism of “Le Pain Nu”


Montana Knapp

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In the Charles Forsdick and David Murphy book, “Francophone Postcolonial Studies,” they describe their perspective on post colonialism saying, "Individuals and ideas 'travel' between different Francophone spaces, producing new cultural matrices and political contexts". In this project, I aim to explore African literature that has been influenced by France. I have nuanced this idea while reading the novel "Le Pain Nu" written by Mohamed Choukri in 1986 regarding his childhood and the atrocities he faced while growing up in Morocco. Specifically the exotic nature of actions taken.

I will refer to the text as being exotic compared to Canon literature. Most people apart of Western still refer to other regions in the world as exotic because of the colonialist standpoint. Due to colonialism, the mixture of France and the Moroccan culture is very important. I will propose the importance of multiple voices in the world of literature, instead of the white male supremacy that has ruled nations.

Faculty Mentor

Mary Anne Lewis

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