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Social Justice in Spanish Golden Age Theatre
Glenda Y. Nieto-Cuebas, Erin A. Cowling, Tania de Miguel Magro, and Mina García Jordán


Virgil, Aeneid 8: Text, Translation, and Commentary
Virgil, Lee M. Fratantuono, and R. Alden Smith


Educational Travel for First-Generation Students
Paul Dean and Claudia Kelly


Explaining the Better-Than-Average Effect Among Prisoners
Sarah G. Taylor, Hedwig Eisenbarth, Constantine Sedikides, and Mark D. Alicke


EXPRES. II. Searching for Planets around Active Stars: A Case Study of HD 101501
Robert O. Harmon, Samuel H.C. Cabot, Rachael M. Roettenbacher, Gregory W. Henry, Lily Zhao, Debra A. Fischer, John M. Brewer, Joe Llama, Ryan R. Petersburg, and Andrew E. Szymkowiak


Does Hyperoxia Restrict Pyrenean Rock Lizards Iberolacerta bonnali to High Elevations?
Eric J. Gangloff, Sierra Spears, Ciara Pettit, Laura Kouyoumdjian, and Fabien Aubret

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