Philosophy Faculty Work

The Department of Philosophy and the Department of Religion consolidated following the 2020-2021 academic year. For new faculty work, please see the Department of Philosophy and Religion.


Submissions from 2019

Becoming a Philosopher: Selected Reviews and Essays 1960-2015, Bernard Murchland


How America Disguises Its Violence: Colonialism, Mass Incarceration, and the Need for Resistant Imagination, Shari Stone-Mediatore

Incarcerated Activists Raise the Bar on Parole, Shari Stone-Mediatore and Joseph Dole

Submissions from 2018

Global Ethics, Epistemic Colonialism, and Paths to More Democratic Knowledges, Shari Stone-Mediatore

Submissions from 2017

Strategic Fouls: A New Defense, Erin E. Flynn

Submissions from 2014

The Representation of Justice in Eastwood's High Plains Drifter, Erin E. Flynn

Submissions from 2013


Attending to Others: Simone Weil and Epistemic Pluralism, Shari Stone-Mediatore

Submissions from 2011


A Not So Global Ethics: Contradictions in U.S. Global Ethics Education, Shari Stone-Mediatore

Submissions from 2010

Blursed!, Erin E. Flynn


Epistemologies of Discomfort: What Military-Family Anti-War Activists Can Teach Us About Knowledge of Violence, Shari Stone-Mediatore

Submissions from 2009

Led Zeppelin and Philosophy, Scott W. Calef

Physical Graffiti, Scott W. Calef

Presence, Scott W. Calef

The Enviable Lives of Led Zeppelin, Scott W. Calef

Celebrating the Agony of Life, Erin E. Flynn


Intellectual Intuition in Emerson and the Early German Romantics, Erin E. Flynn

The Ocean's Roar, John Stone-Mediatore


Cross-Border Feminism: Shifting the Terms of Debate for U.S. and European Feminists, Shari Stone-Mediatore

Submissions from 2008

A Little of that Human Touch: Knowledge and Empathy in the Music of Bruce Springsteen, Scott W. Calef


Euthyphronic Refrains in Socrates' Cross-Examination of Meletus, Scott W. Calef

The Arrow that Flies By Day: Existential Images of the Human Condition from Socrates to Hannah Arendt: A Philosophy for Dark Times, Bernard Murchland

Submissions from 2007

Distorted View: A Saucerful of Skepticism, Scott W. Calef

Featherless Bipeds: The Concept of Humanity in The Birds, Scott W. Calef

Living and Dying, Laughing and Crying, Scott W. Calef

Living in a World of Suspicion: The Epistemology of Mistrust, Scott W. Calef

Identity and Difference in Hegel's Model of Ethical Normativity, Erin E. Flynn


Challenging Academic Norms: An Epistemology for Feminist and Multicultural Classrooms, Shari Stone-Mediatore


Military Families Speak Out: Challenging the Epistemology of War, Shari Stone-Mediatore

Submissions from 2006

Four-Assed Monkeys: Genetics and Gen-Ethics in Small-Town Colorado, Scott W. Calef

You Say that You've Got Everything You Want: The Beatles and the Critique of Consumer Culture, Scott W. Calef

Examined Lives in the Shadow of Iraq, Shari Stone-Mediatore

Submissions from 2005

The Vote of Faith, Scott W. Calef

Submissions from 2004

Historical and Critical Introduction: From Friendship to Rivals, Bernard Murchland, David A. Sprintzen, Salam Hawa, and Adrian van den Hoven


Women's Rights and Cultural Differences, Shari Stone-Mediatore

Submissions from 2003

Reading Across Borders: Storytelling and Knowledges of Resistance, Shari Stone-Mediatore