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This document contains all the keywords assigned to each item in the Harvey Letters Collection. Keywords were applied to the letters as a means of collecting recurring and significant topics of correspondence, with special emphasis given to those concerning Ohio Wesleyan University. Many of the keywords listed here can be found across multiple letters. To search the collection for items assigned keywords from the list, enter the keyword in the Subject facet on the Advanced Search page.


Notes on certain keywords in the collection:

  • [Drawing] - a pictorial representation or diagram included in the body of a letter by the author.
  • Freedmen - former slaves, often referred to in the letters as 'contraband' or 'contrabands.'
  • Secesh - short for secession, a term used by authors in the collection to describe civilians, government, and territory in Confederate states. It is distinct from the keyword 'Confederate soldiers' but overlaps with the topic depending on the author.
  • Sutler - a merchant affiliated with the military who sold wares and couriered packages to and from camps.



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