This project was made possible foremost by Dr. Thomas Harvey, whose generosity and painstaking scholarship were central to both the physical and digital organization of the Harvey Collection. Dr. Harvey's efforts transcribing the letters and tracking down supplemental documents provided an enormous foundation on which to realize the project.

The letters and diaries were digitized by Amy McCrory, Digital Imaging Specialist, and her team at the Ohio State University Libraries Preservation & Reformatting Department. Digitization was supported by funding from the Digital Collections: from Projects to Pedagogy and Scholarship grant, awarded to the Five Colleges of Ohio by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Cataloging and descriptions were created in collaboration with Judy Orahood, Cataloger, OWU Libraries. Metadata strategies and project scaffolding were developed with Amanda S. Raab, Discovery Service and Cataloging Manager, OWU Libraries. Consultation and assistance were provided by Carol Holliger, Archivist, Archives of Ohio United Methodism.

Preservation actions and processing of the physical collection were performed by Bernard Derr, Rare Books Librarian, OWU Libraries.

Additional transcription work was performed by Anne Fry.

OWU Libraries is grateful for faculty sponsorship for the project from Dr. Barbara A. Terzian, Associate Professor of History, Ohio Wesleyan University.

-Eugene Rutigliano, Digital Initiatives Librarian and Curator, OWU Historical Collection, OWU Libraries.