Geology & Geography Faculty Work

This department closed following the 2020-2021 academic year.


Submissions from 2020


Review of Cartography: The Ideal and Its History, by Matthew H. Edney, John B. Krygier


Relationships of West Greenland Supraglacial Melt‐Lakes with Local Climate and Regional Atmospheric Circulation, Nathan A. Rowley, Andrew M. Carleton, and John Fegyveresi

Submissions from 2019


Alteration, Mass Analysis, and Magmatic Compositions of the Sentinel Bluffs Member, Columbia River Flood Basalt Province: COMMENT, Barton S. Martin, Leslie L. Baker, Victor E. Camp, Stephen P. Reidel, Martin E. Ross, and Terry L. Tolan


Generating a Supraglacial Melt-Lake Inventory Near Jakobshavn, West Greenland, Using a New Semi-Automated Lake-Mapping Technique, Nathan A. Rowley and John M. Fegyveresi

Submissions from 2018

'Scrappy’ Sustainability at Ohio Wesleyan University, John Krygier and Emily Howald

Submissions from 2017

Conodont Fauna Constrains the Deposition of the Delaware Limestone from the Middle of the Australis Zone into the Upper Portion of the Kockelianus Zone, Keith O. Mann

Submissions from 2016

Making Maps: A Visual Guide to Map Design for GIS, John Krygier and Denis Wood

Submissions from 2015


Politics Squeezed through a Police State: Policing and Vinculación in Post-1968 Mexico City, Nicholas Crane


Review of Space, Politics and Aesthetics, by Mustafa Dikeç, Nicholas Crane


Review of The Down-Deep Delight of Democracy, by Mark Purcell, Nicholas Crane

Tectonic Evolution of the Chugach-Prince William Terrane: Geochemistry of the Orca Group Volcanic Rocks in Eastern Prince William Sound, Alaska, Karen H. Fryer, Elaine K. Young, Cameron Davidson, and John I. Garver

Conodont Biostratigraphy of the Dundee Limestone, Buckeye Oilfield, Michigan Basin, Keith O. Mann and Brittany N. Hupp

Submissions from 2014


A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words: Performing State Repression in the Zócalo, Mexico City, October 2, 2011, Nicholas Crane

Submissions from 2013

Conodont Biostratigraphy of the East Liberty Bone Bed and Subjacent Beds, Bellefontaine Outlier, East Liberty, Ohio, USA., Keith O. Mann


The Columbia River Flood Basalt Province: Stratigraphy, Areal Extent, Volume, and Physical Volcanology, Bart S. Martin, Stephen P. Reidel, Victor E. Camp, and Terry Tolan


Revisions to the Stratigraphy and Distribution of the Frenchman Springs Member, Wanapum Basalt, Bart S. Martin, Terry Tolan, and Stephen P. Reidel

Resisting the Neoliberalization of Space in Mexico City, David M. Walker

Submissions from 2012

Iron-Sulfide Concretions of the Ohio Shale: Glimpses of Deep Subseafloor Microbial Ecosystems of the Late Devonian, Karen H. Fryer and Eric Mumper

Submissions from 2011

Making Maps: A Visual Guide to Map Design for GIS, John Krygier and Denis Wood

Urban Geography: Past, Present, Future, David M. Walker

Submissions from 2010

Fish, David M. Walker

Submissions from 2009

Ce n'est pas le monde (This is Not the World), John Krygier and Denis Wood

Stratigraphy and Tectonics of the Central and Eastern Portions of the Columbia River Flood-Basalt Province: An Overview of Our Current State of Knowledge, Bart S. Martin

Submissions from 2008

Bedrock Geologic Map and Mineral Resources Summary of the Asheville 7.5 Minutes Quadrangle, Buncombe County, North Carolina: NCGS Geologic Map Series 14, Karen H. Fryer and J. William Miller


Mapping Ambivalence: Exploring the Geographies of Community Change and Rails-to-Trails Development Using Photo-Based Q Method and PPGIS, John Krygier, Timothy Hawthorne, and Mei-Po Kwan


Power, Identity and the Production of Buffer Villages in 'The Second Most Remote Region in All of Mexico, David M. Walker and Margath A. Walker

Submissions from 2007

Mapping Campus-Community Collaborations: Integrating Partnerships, Service-Learning, Mapping and GIS, John Krygier and M. Gilbert

The Age of the Earth, Keith O. Mann


The Effects of the Penry Wellfield (Delaware, Ohio) on Well-Water Quality, Keith O. Mann

The History of Life on Earth, Keith O. Mann

The Stratigraphy of the East Liberty Quarry (Logan County, Ohio) in the Bellefontaine Outlier, Keith O. Mann

Geochemical Variations within Large Volume Basaltic Lava Flows, Wanapum Basalt Formation, Columbia River Basalt Group: Implications for Flood Basalt Eruptions, Bart S. Martin


When Participation Meets Empowerment: The WWF and the Politics of Invitation in the Chimalapas, Mexico, David M. Walker, John Paul Jones II, Susan M. Roberts, and Oliver R. Fröhling

Submissions from 2006


Jake Barton's Performance Maps: An Essay, John Krygier

Submissions from 2005

Visual Sources for the Urban History of the Ottoman Empire, Kathryn A. Ebel

Making Maps: A Visual Guide to Map Design for GIS, John Krygier and Denis Wood

Implications of the Geochemical Variations in the Wanapum Basalt Formation (Columbia River Basalt Group) for a Plume Source, Bart S. Martin


Goldschmidt Conference 2005: Field Trip Guide to the Columbia River Basalt Group, Bart S. Martin, H.L. Petcovic, and Stephen P. Reidel

The Tectonic Evolution of the Northern Columbia River Flood-Basalt Province, Bart S. Martin, Stephen P. Reidel, John Bush, Dean L. Garwood, and John Kaufmann

Submissions from 2004

Xenolith-Bearing Dikes of the Grande Ronde Basalt, Columbia River Basalt Group, Southeast Washington State, Bart S. Martin and Sebastian J. Gorham

Submissions from 2003


Geographic Information Literacy and the World Wide Web, John Krygier and Deborah Carter Peoples

The Columbia River Flood Basalts and the Yakima Fold Belt, Bart S. Martin, Heather L. Petcovic, and Stephen P. Reidel