John P. Finley



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John tells James that he has been in poor health but has been able to attend to the duties of his station. Sally's health is declining rapidly, and the children have grown into men and women. John tells James that he is not satisfied with his location, but he is able to make a living for his family there. He cannot bear the thought of the children growing up among negroes. He would like to move and if he ever regains his health would like to travel. His doctor tells him that he will never get well as long as he continues sedentary work. Augusta College is progressing as fast as can be expected, and is in an "advanced state of being finished." The preparatory school is now in session. In a postscript John reports seeing a "motley family" (interracial) walk down the street. He expresses concern that some of the Finley descendants will become "incorporated with beasts." He acknowledges to James that he "writes wickedly." Abstract Number - 954

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Augusta, KY


Finley Family Letters -- Brother; Augusta College

Letter from John P. Finley to James B. Finley