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Tefft's letter contains six important points concerning the writing, illustrating, and publishing of Finley's book, Memorials of Prison Life. 1) He has written 125 pages, but has put in much more time than expected. He has told the book agents that his fee will be $300. 2) Agents have been waiting for the book for some time, deferring other work as Tefft completes the editing. 3) If Finley's entire manuscript is used, the book will be 800 pages. The agents wish to limit the volume to no more than 500 pages. 4) The agents, he presumes, will give Finley enough money to cover his editing work. 5) He presumes that Henry Howe will make drafts of the cuts. If not, someone else should be hired. 6) Will be ready soon for Finley to come and proof the book. After all, the true author is Finley. -- "The public will not know me in it at all." Even though cholera has come to Cincinnati, folks are going about business as usual. It is up to Finley to decide whether it is wise for him to come to town. Abstract Number - 588

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Book Agent Letters; Finley Writings; Memorials of Prison Life

Letter from Benjamin F. Tefft to James B. Finley