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Elliott pens this letter concerning a book Finley has written, Memorials of Prison Life, and states that he has laid the book before the Book Agents. They asked Elliott to report as follows -- Since General Conference is so near at hand they do not not feel at liberty to enter into a contract for a book which cannot be issued during their term. They have declined works of other authors. The Book Committee also feels that they will not be able to examine the book with care until after General Conference. However, there is no doubt as to whether the book will be approved. Elliott has procured a pamphlet for Finley containing a decision on the Maysville Case and would like Finley to read it and write his views on it for publication. Elliott feels that it was one of the most dangerous assaults ever made on the M.E. Church, as it robs her of her very existence and puts in her place an entity, the M.E. Church South, and a non-entity, the M.E. Church North. Elliott has also prepared an article on the history of the property question and will follow up with several articles on other matters, including slavery. Dr. Bond argues for a division of the Book Concern. Elliott said his articles will not be directed against Bond personally, but he does fear some of Bond's proposals. Abstract Number - 578

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Book Agent Letters; Book Concern; Church South (MECS); Finley Writings; Memorials of Prison Life; Church Property Question; Maysville Property Case

Letter from Charles Elliott to James B. Finley