Isaac Smith



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Rev. Isaac Smith is grateful for Finley's letter. He reports that things are going better at the Asbury Manual School and Mission since his last letter. Some of the children actually meet with him in class meetings and appear "determined to live for God." The Creek Indian chiefs also appear to be more friendly toward the school. Smith shares information about his health and that of his wife. He is advancing in years and has difficulty hearing the voices of the children, making it more difficult to teach them reading. His wife is suffering from palsy of the left side, rendering her incapable of doing what she once did. The girls are nevertheless attentive to and affectionate toward Mrs. Smith. He tells of a fall taken from his sulky three years ago which has left him "tottering." He is filled with love for the Creek Indians. In discussions about a possible replacement at some point, he doubts "whether there are any who feel a greater willingness to live and die with and sometimes I feel as if I might say for this people." Abstract Number - 697

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Asbury Mission, Creek Nation, AL


Miscellaneous Mission Letters; Asbury Manual School and Mission; Mission School; South Carolina Conference; Creek Indians; Health

Letter from Isaac Smith to James B. Finley