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Trimble writes to Finley letting him know that Brother Bascom has gone to Frankfort with a petition from the Augusta College Trustees to the Legislature, requesting an alteration of the college charter. The proposed changes include a protocol for filling vacancies in the Board of Trustees -- The conferences (Ohio and Kentucky) will alternate in the selection process, beginning with Ohio. Both conferences will be empowered to send a 5 member Visiting Committee to Augusta. This committee will be involved with the Trustees in the hiring of instructors, and the expulsion of board members/instructors in the case of immorality or malfeasance. If passed by the Legislature, Augusta College will be "legitimately under the control of the Conferences." Trimble has been acting as presiding elder on the north end of Brother Christie's district. He reports many conversions in Felicity and Georgetown. Trimble implores Finley to attend the February 14-15 Augusta College Trustee meeting and asks him to bring Bishop Soule along. Abstract Number - 636

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Augusta, KY


Augusta College Letters; Ohio Conference: Kentucky Conference; Augusta College (Ky.); Charter; Trustees; Visiting Committee

Letter from Joseph M. Trimble to James B. Finley