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Thomas Mason (Board of the Methodist Episcopal Missionary Society) writes to Charles Elliott at the Wyandot Mission informing him that a box of clothing prepared by the Methodist Female Missionary Society of New York has been sent to Finley, but he fears that it has not yet been delivered. Apparently the Juvenile Society of Baltimore sent money to fund the education of two Indian children, to be named Francis Asbury and Mary Fletcher. Mason chastises Elliott because the Society has not received a report from Finley as to who was selected. The Managers of the Parent Society want missionaries to write often about the progress at their missions. Otherwise, the excitement to assist will dwindle. Charles Elliott, sends this letter on to Finley in Warren County to report on conditions at the mission. He discusses the new fence enclosure, and the proposed kitchen and school building. Abstract Number - 610

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New York


Thomas Mason Letters; Wyandot Mission Letters; Missionary Society of the MEC; Education

Letter from Thomas Mason to Charles Elliott and from Charles Elliott to James B. Finley