James B. Finley



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Finley has received Young's letter pertaining to a Bishop McKendree memorial which Finley says McKendree richly deserves but doubtful if the south would allow them to do it. Finley is feeling sorry for himself about the abuse he has been given and says he is daily preparing to die. Finley says he now holds no office in the Church, except the one Asbury and McKendree conferred on him, and he intends to resign this, though he has not made up his mind yet. He thinks he will not attend another Conference, for he cannot associate with men who have no confidence in him. He also says that he does not approve of all the changes made in the Church. Finley says that he hates to see brethren who ought to be doing the work of God and promoting peace and harmony among his children, throwing discontent and bad feeling everywhere. Some arrangements must be made to collect the money for the monument then the artist build it, and then Finley will do all he can to accomplish the object that shall honor McKendree, then let the people of Nashville know the feelings of the General Conference. Also have Peter Cartwright write to them. Abstract Number - 478

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McKendree Memorial

Letter from James B. Finley to Jacob Young