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Roseman has heard that Finley has been inquiring about him. He sends a very newsy letter, talking about the potential joy of eternal life, the coming death of his 22 year old son, concern about the European revolutions, and the prosperous state of the Barnesville Circuit. The bulk of the letter deals with Roseman's dissatisfaction with the Ohio legislature. A bill was submitted two years ago to the General Assembly asking for the erection of a new county, to be known as Cumberland. It did not pass. It is now being submitted again and Roseman would like Finley to use his influence among legislators to get this bill passed. [Note: Cumberland County was never formed.] An 1848 bill submitted to the General Assembly requesting financial relief for Devine, Snyder, and Sharp was laid over and will be discussed again this year. Roseman believes that the three men (convicted of forgery in Tuscarawas County, 1847) have sustained much more injury than the relief this bill will provide. [Note: John Devine, James M. Snyder, and William Sharp did receive financial relief from the General Assembly in February of 1849]. Abstract Number - 417

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Ohio History; Politics; Cumberland County (proposed); Barnesville Circuit; Eternal Life

Letter from James Roseman to James B. Finley