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Rev. Tobias Spicer, supernumerary preacher in the Troy MEC Conference, writes to Finley concerning the June 1848 annual conference. He reports that a "Mr. Magician" (Ezra Sprague??) was expelled after three sessions with an almost unanimous vote. There was also a conversation about a questionable sermon preached at Troy by Rev. John Clark on "Being born again." Clark told his congregation that all things are made new at conversion -- All elements of holiness are introduced into the soul, and all opposing elements removed. This stance was called into question by many of his colleagues who disputed Clark's theological argument that all opposing elements are removed (no room left for perfection or sanctifying grace). Clark explained what he meant by removal of opposing elements. It is actually "enmity to God" that is taken away. Clark's "tolerable" explanation was accepted by members of the conference. Following annual conference, Spicer traveled to New York to assist with the publication of the new Discipline. Abstract Number - 386

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Lansingsburgh, NY


General Conference; Troy Conference; Church Trial; Expulsion; John Clark; Conversion; Sanctification; Supernumerary Preacher; Doctrines and Discipline of the MEC

Letter from Tobias Spicer to James B. Finley