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Harbough had intended to see Finley before Finley left Eaton and went up to Columbus for that purpose but you had left. Harbough wishes to make arrangements about the medicine, so he will state in this communication that he has made a calculation and finds it will cost twenty cents per bottle. So I will inform you of the arrangement I would be willing to enter into, provided that gentleman in Columbus that you were speaking about wished to enter in the business of manufacturing the medicine. The arrangement is this: If he will with you furnish the capital I am willing to make the medicine for one-third of the profit. So you speak to him and let me know all about the matter. I feel fully satisfied that we can sell a great quantity of it all over the State and you are known all over this western country and that would recommend it, so that it could not help but sell. In addition to that I can get several certificates from different persons in this region. Please write to me on the subject. P.S. Mr. Clay Melody sends his respects to his brother John who is in the Penitentiary. Abstract Number - 306

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Medicine manufacture; Finley Financial Affairs; Finley Friend; General Ministry; Medicine

Letter from T. Harbough to James B. Finley