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Young writes again to express his displeasure about the Indian removal proposal of the U.S. government [See previous letter March 9, 1825]. He says -- "It seems the Wyandots are not likely to be ensnared with the bait Congress has put on the hook emigration. How long would they be in peace jammed in the midst of 40 other tribes? - Is the object to give the Indians a good chance to kill one another that we may occupy their lands without the scandal of killing them ourselves? I hope not. But will Arkansas and Missouri do them long! Where next? Oregon --Then they will be in the way and some may still think they ought to be coaxed & bribed & flattered & if necessary receive a little salutory National shove into the western Pacific." Young questions Finley [currently appointed as Presiding Elder of Sandusky District and Wyandot missionary] about the appointment at Mad River Circuit. Did James T. Wells leave the appointment [1824-1825] with permission? Was Brother Asbury [Thomas] officially transferred from the Genesee Conference to Mad River? There is a rumor that Wells and Asbury swapped circuits in different conferences. Young believes that the people of the Mad River Circuit would rather have George Gatch in charge than Asbury, who seems to think very highly of himself. [Note: Thomas Asbury, itinerant in the Genesee Conference, was the nephew of Bishop Francis Asbury. Born in England, he came to America in 1818, according to J.F. Binney, Genealogy of the Binney Family in the U.S., c. 1886, p. 93]. According to conference minutes for Ohio and Genesee, both Asbury and Wells located in the fall of 1825. Abstract Number - 889

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David Young Letters; Finley Friend; Indian Removal; Ohio Conference; Wyandot Mission Letters; Mad River Circuit; James T. Wells; Thomas Asbury; Genesee Conference; George Gatch

Letter from David Young to James B. Finley