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Fisher replies that he has received Finley's letter and his views agreed with the writers in regard to the War (War with Mexico). Fisher reports that there is a proposition from the Mexican Government before the Senate which would likely be ratified. The Senate is in secret session. The "Loco" (Focos) do not like the proposition, but will have to accept it. They do not like it "because it would end the war," and break down the issues between the parties. They (the Loco Focos) would like it to continue until after U.S. elections, at the risk of losing many more lives and money. The Whigs would go for the measure, not because they would like it, for they do not want the territory, but they go for it to stop the effusion of blood and money. As to the subject of the presidency, Fisher wishes that the Whigs in Ohio would unite for some one man -- McLean, Clay, or Scott. He thinks if they can unite on one man, he could be nominated, but if they come to the Convention divided, he fears that General Taylor will be nominated, and if he is nominated, the Whigs in Ohio would be shattered to Ohio as well as other states. Fisher wants Finley to tell him how McLean stands in Ohio. McLean would be Fisher's choice after Corwin. Fisher says he would like to see Clay as President. As to religion in Washington City, there are some good people, but a great many very bad ones. There are pretty good preachers here. Fisher wishes Finley good luck in his work. He supposes that Finley does not work with as wicked people as does the Chaplain to Congress. Abstract Number - 862

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Letter from D. Fisher to James B. Finley