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The Superintendent hopes Finley will excuse the liberty she has taken in writing to him. She desires to give him some information concerning the progress of the Society. They started with about 200 members and while some have left, many more have been added. At this time, there are about 300 members. She thanks the Lord that they remembered the "children of the forest." They now have 12 girls who are managers and 8 out of that number have progressed to know the forgiving mercy of the Lord, and also several of the boys. She tells how cheerfully the young people contribute their "mite" for the work of the Mission. She had written to Brother Gilruth concerning clothing for the children at the Mission. He replied that plain material would be best. It would be gratifying for the children to know about those little boys in the school -- their age and size and progress. Her charges would like to send them some books and other things they might need. She said they named a little girl in this Society but are not sure whether Finley received the information. Abstract Number - 836

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Fells Point, Baltimore


Miscellaneous Mission Letters; Juvenile Missionary Society; Baltimore; Mission Donations; Indian Pupils given English names

Letter from Female Superintendent to James B. Finley