Uriah Heath



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Heath has been following the progress of the 1844 General Conference through newspapers and the Christian Advocate. He tells Finley that "the action of the present General Conference will exert a powerful influence upon the destinies of the nation." Folks in Ohio are reading about Finley's important contributions regarding slave-holding/Bishop James Andrew at the Conference. Heath has conversed with Ohio itinerant preachers -- Whitcomb, Simmons, Hamilton, Smith, White, Bateman, Doughty, Davis and Newson, as well as local preachers and members, "who, without a dissenting voice approve of the action in the Harding case and the action in the case of Bishop Andrew so far as it has gone. The ministers generally say let him be deposed." There is also indignation in Ohio concerning Brother E.W. Sehon, who appears to have succumbed to the slave-holding influence. The letter is meant to support both Finley and the Ohio delegation in their efforts to fight slave-holding among bishops and ministers of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Abstract Number - 799

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Newark, Ohio


Slavery Letters; General Conference of 1844; Ohio Conference; E.W. Sehon

Letter from Uriah Heath to James B. Finley