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Simpson (serving as editor of the Western Christian Advocate) has received a letter of complaint from the members of the Wyandot Nation in Kansas who have voted to align with the Methodist Episcopal Church South (MECS). A letter was published in a July 1848 Advocate from the 18 Wyandots who still support the northern church and wish to have a missionary from the Ohio MEC Conference sent to serve them. The MECS Wyandots believe that they have been misrepresented in that July article and wish to have their own letter published to set the record straight. Dr. Latta has accused Finley of stirring things up with the group wishing to stay with the northern church. Dr. Elliott has stated that Finley did not write to this group until they asked for advice and direction. Simpson will publish the letter of the MECS Wyandots next week and wants to make readers aware that Finley did not instigate the trouble. He asks Finley to write immediately letting him know that this was indeed the case -- the northern Wyandots wrote to him first. Abstract Number - 785

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Matthew Simpson Letters; Wyandots in Kansas; Western Christian Advocate; Church South (MECS); Slavery Letters; Church Division; Wyandot Indians; Schism

Letter from Matthew Simpson to James B. Finley