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Stubbs writes to express sorrow and encouragement regarding Hannah's illness and reports news of family and friends. Elizabeth Brooke (daughter of James B. & Hannah) is doing very well, as is their grandson James. Sister's [Rebecca] health is declining. [Harriet is living with John McLean and his wife, Rebecca Edwards McLean. Rebecca is most likely Harriet's stepsister. Rebecca was the daughter of Dr. Uriah Edwards II (1760-1790) and Sarah Edwards (1760-1838). Harriet was the daughter of Sarah Edwards and second husband, Robert Stubbs, d. 1815. Genealogical record is confusing. See] Harriet mentions that "Mr. McLean" has taken Rebecca on his circuit (Ohio Supreme Court) to see if her health will improve. The rest of the letter is devoted to reminiscing over time spent in Upper Sandusky as the first teacher at the Wyandot Mission. Harriet hopes that Lydia (Barstow) has not forgotten her. She would be happy to see her students again, particularly Eliza and Maria, and hopes that they are obeying Lydia. She remembers Big Tree smoking a pipe with a bearskin by his side, conversing with James B. Finley with as much dignity "as though he were president of the United States." Abstract Number - 12

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Wyandot Mission Letters; Rebecca McLean; John McLean (Supreme Court Justice); Mission School; Lydia Barstow; Big Tree

Letter from Harriet Stubbs to Mrs. J.B. Finley