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Walker informs Finley that the Wyandot Mission is in deplorable condition. The current missionary [Samuel P. Shaw] is doing a terrible job. Alas, there is no government, system, order, or regularity. Walker is responding to Finley's letter requesting help with the proposed M.E.C. publication -- "History of the Wyandots and the Missions amongst them." Finley has asked him to collect material for the book. Walker asserts that the topic is extremely complicated, and ought to include histories of the early Catholic and Presbyterian missions to the Wyandots. It is his strong belief that no church having missionary establishments in an Indian nation can write an impartial history of the nation. This limitation goes well beyond the M.E.C. For instance, Heckewelder's early histories were filled with gross misstatements and did a great injustice to the Wyandots. If the M.E.C. decides to publish a history of its own mission (rather than the history of the nation), Walker has no objections. However, he cannot provide assistance to Finley with the project. Abstract Number - 1033

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William Walker Letters; Wyandot Mission Letters; Finley Writings; History of the Wyandot Mission (1840)

Letter from William Walker to James B. Finley