Education Faculty Work



Submissions from 2017

Child’s Best Friend: Is a Dog Visitor a Good Fit for Our Preschool?, Katherine Glenn-Applegate and Kellie Leggett Hall

Child’s Best Friend: Preparing for and Reaping the Benefits of a Dog in School, Katherine Glenn-Applegate and Kellie Leggett Hall

Submissions from 2015


If an Expert in Day Care Can't Find a Good One, Can Anyone?, Katherine Glenn-Applegate


How Do Caregivers Select Preschools? A Study of Children With and Without Disabilities, Katherine Glenn-Applegate, Laura M. Justice, and Joan Kaderavek

Teaching Children's Literature in an Era of Standards, Amy A. McClure, Abigail Garthwait, and Janice V. Kristo

Submissions from 2013

False Start: The Failure of an Early ‘Race to the Top’, Campbell F. Scribner

Submissions from 2005

In Beauty May She Walk: Hiking the Appalachian Trail at 60, Leslie Noyes Mass

Living Literature: Using Children's Literature to Support Reading and Language Arts, Amy A. McClure, Wendy C. Kasten, and Janice V. Kristo

Submissions from 2004

Children Responding to Poetry: A Century of Research and Commentary, Amy A. McClure

Submissions from 2003

Choosing Quality Nonfiction Literature: Examining Aspects of Writing Style, Amy A. McClure

Through the Eyes of a Child: An Introduction to Children's Literature, Donna E. Norton, Saundra E. Norton, and Amy A. McClure