Education Faculty Work



Submissions from 2019


Cooperating Teachers’ Perceptions of their Preservice Teacher’s Impact on Student Learning, Sarah J. Kaka


Using Music from the Past Century as a Primary Source in the U.S. History Classroom, Sarah J. Kaka and Christopher Dobeck

Submissions from 2018


Fixing the Educator Shortage at the District Level in the American School Board Journal, Sarah J. Kaka, Robert Mitchell, and Grant Clayton

Submissions from 2017

Child’s Best Friend: Is a Dog Visitor a Good Fit for Our Preschool?, Katherine Glenn-Applegate and Kellie Leggett Hall

Child’s Best Friend: Preparing for and Reaping the Benefits of a Dog in School, Katherine Glenn-Applegate and Kellie Leggett Hall

Submissions from 2015


If an Expert in Day Care Can't Find a Good One, Can Anyone?, Katherine Glenn-Applegate


How Do Caregivers Select Preschools? A Study of Children With and Without Disabilities, Katherine Glenn-Applegate, Laura M. Justice, and Joan Kaderavek

Teaching Children's Literature in an Era of Standards, Amy A. McClure, Abigail Garthwait, and Janice V. Kristo

Submissions from 2013

False Start: The Failure of an Early ‘Race to the Top’, Campbell F. Scribner

Submissions from 2005

In Beauty May She Walk: Hiking the Appalachian Trail at 60, Leslie Noyes Mass

Living Literature: Using Children's Literature to Support Reading and Language Arts, Amy A. McClure, Wendy C. Kasten, and Janice V. Kristo

Submissions from 2004

Children Responding to Poetry: A Century of Research and Commentary, Amy A. McClure

Submissions from 2003

Choosing Quality Nonfiction Literature: Examining Aspects of Writing Style, Amy A. McClure

Through the Eyes of a Child: An Introduction to Children's Literature, Donna E. Norton, Saundra E. Norton, and Amy A. McClure