Submissions from 2018

OWU Campus Sustainability, Noah Barehmi and Emily Howald

The Novels of Joyce, Michael Barr


Dissecting The Ring of the Dove, Adrian Burr


Brick and Mortar Retail, Online Shopping and Everything in Between: How Technology is Being Integrated into the Fashion Industry, Kera Bussey-Sims


The Effect of Coriander Extract on the Replication of T2 Bacteriophage, Marielle Buss


MIA: The Liberal Men We Love, Amy Butcher


Visiting Writers Series: Amy Butcher, Amy Butcher


Women These Days, Amy Butcher


Consolation Puppies: A Graphic Essay, Amy Butcher and Martha Park


From MFA Thesis To Published Book, Amy Butcher, Nicole Walker, Catina Bacote, and Kelly Sundberg


Juana I of Castile and Maria Pacheco: Leadership and Power in Early Modern Spain, Abigail Connell

Size Change in an Invasive Species, Kyle Davis

A Line in the Sand: Narratives from the U.S.-Mexico Border, Chloe Dyer

Commemorations on Two Continents: The Saint Patrick's Battalion in Irish-Mexican-American Memory, Chloe Dyer


Madness and Hysteria: Social Control in Early Modern Spain, Jackie Everetts


Performance Changes in a Division III Female Field Hockey Program Over a Competitive Season, Jacqueline Feliciano

Performance of single species as indicators of large mammal species richness across different ecosystems in Tanzania, Hannah Gebhardt

Ginger extract inhibits the replication of T2 bacteriophage by inhibiting the synthesis of nucleosides, Gerald Goldstein, Sarah Bergman, Marielle Buss, Mary Cranley, and Nicholas Reed


Identifying Influentials in Directed Networks, Guillermo Gutierrez

Lifespan Memory, Lynda K. Hall

Endangered Species Conservation on the Military Estate, Emily Howald


Further Investigation of a Novel Rhabditid Nematode, Evan Hudgens and Nathan Schmidt


New records and rediscoveries of plants in Singapore, David M. Johnson, R.C.J. Lim, and S. Lindsay


A revision of Xylopia L. (Annonaceae): the species of Tropical Africa, David M. Johnson and Nancy A. Murray

Prisoner of Conscience, Jennifer Jolley


The Role of the Midwife in Hapsburg Spain, Grace Jones

Alfred Tibor and Marty Kalb, Marty Kalb

Spotlight: Featured Artists at the Ohio Governor's Residence, Marty Kalb

Examining the European Union Asylum Policy: The EU-Turkey Migration Statement, Sarah Kennedy

'Scrappy’ Sustainability at Ohio Wesleyan University, John Krygier and Emily Howald

Fighting in the Irish Environment: the landscape in ancient Irish military matters, Colin McGarry

Wolfing around the Border: Medieval Irish Warbands and Werewolves, Colin McGarry

Problems Related to Eating, Nutrition, and Body Image, Christopher Modica

Contemporary Regulatory Policy, Franchesca V. Nestor, Marc Allen Eisner, Jeff Worsham, and Evan J. Ringquist


Comparison of Single Leg Performance Tests in Athletes With and Without ACL Reconstruction, Cassandra Oberle

Ryu se viste para matar: el universo noir de Isabel Coixet [Ryu Dressed to Kill: Isabel Coixet’s Noir Universe], Eva Paris-Huesca

The Dangers of Meritocracy and Education, Rebecca Penrod

Richard II: Historical Tragedy, Kyle Rabung

Female dark‐eyed juncos Junco hyemalis thurberi produce male‐like song in a territorial context during the early breeding season, Dustin Reichard, Daniel E. Brothers, Serena E. George, Jonathan W. Atwell, and Ellen D. Ketterson


Educational Inequality - How We Systematically Fail Our Children, Paige Ross

Collective Memory of Violence and Oppression under Dictatorships in Chile and Argentina., Emma Sampson

Taking Control: Maintaining Goals in the Counting Stroop, Erika Shultz

Comparative Histological Investigation of the Ovarian and Placenta Structure in the Viviparous Fish Genus Poeciliopsis, Francesca Socki

As the Irish Have and As the Irish Will: The Duality of Ireland’s Colonized State Through the Structure of TransAtlantic by Colum McCann, Brandon Stevens

Global Ethics, Epistemic Colonialism, and Paths to More Democratic Knowledges, Shari Stone-Mediatore


Characterization of the yeast gene YDL218W: Carbon source-dependent growth rates and cell wall defects, Savannah Travis


Glyphosate Inhibits Keratinolytic Activity of Bacillus spp. Isolated from Wild Songbirds, Elizabeth Urbanski

Little Red Riding Hood, Glen Vanderbilt

Fundamentals of Physics, Jearl Walker, David Halliday, Robert Resnick, and Brad R. Trees

Modeling the Spread of HPV Through a Network, Lizheyin Wu

Costa Rican Leatherback Turtle Conservation, Ryan Zlatanova

Island Queerness: Exploring LGBT+ Taiwan, Ryan Zlatanova

Submissions from 2017


Rivers of Risk and Redemption in Gregory of Tours’ Writings, Ellen Arnold

Internet Gaming Disorder in Children and Adolescents, Kira Bailey, Douglas A. Gentile, Daphne Bavelier, Jeanne Funk Brockmeyer, Hilarie Cash, Sarah M. Coyne, Andrew Doan, Donald S. Grant, Shawn Green, and Mark Griffiths

Media Multitasking and Cognitive, Psychological, Neural, and Learning Differences, Kira Bailey, Melina R. Uncapher, Lin Lin, Larry D. Rosen, Heather L. Kirkorian, Naomi S. Baron, Joanne Cantor, David L. Strayer, Thomas D. Parsons, and Anthony D. Wagner


Did I do that? The Association Between Action Video Gaming Experience and Feedback Processing In a Gambling Task, Kira Bailey and Robert West


Exploring Memory Impairment in a Rural Community in Tanzania: Trends and Reflections, Amanda Barry

Curcumin Enhances T2 Bacteriophage Yield in E. coli, Sarah Bergman, Mary Cranley, and Nicholas Reed

A study of Lonicera maackii: Understanding the proliferation through time of this invasive plant species, Emily Bishop

Second Coming, D.B. Borton

Smoke, D.B. Borton

Food Inequality in Delaware, Amanda Boyle


Bare Necessities, Amy Butcher


Gradient, Amy Butcher


How the Depressed Find Solace on Yik Yak, Believe It or Not, Amy Butcher

Taking Shape, Amy Butcher


What a Third-Grade Geography Lesson Taught Me About a Woman’s Place In the World, Amy Butcher


What I Learned From Visiting the Grave of My Mom’s Teenage Boyfriend, Amy Butcher

Introduction, David Caplan

Making Love in Mirrors: Hip-Hop Seduction Rhyme, David Caplan

On Rhyme, David Caplan


Review of American Anger: An Evidentiary, by H.L. Hix, David Caplan


Review of Selfish: Poems, by Albert Goldbarth, David Caplan

The Art of Exclusion: Form and Prosody in American Poetry Since 1970, David Caplan

Forum Theatre for Sexual Assault Prevention, Julia Anne Caple, Beverly King, and Becca Porter


New Species of Hammerschmidtiella Chitwood, 1932, and Blattophila Cobb, 1920, and New Geographical Records for Severianoia Annamensis Van Luc & Spiridonov, 1993 (Nematoda: Oxyurida: Thelastomatoidea) from Cockroaches (Insecta: Blattaria) in Ohio and Florida, U.S.A., Ramon A. Carreno

The Effect of Curcumin on Adenylyl Cyclase Expression in Escherichia Coli, Jeanette Chang

The Marriage and Family Experience: Intimate Relationships in a Changing Society, Theodore F. Cohen and Bryan Strong


Primary Mathematics Education Methodologies, Gabi Coty

Ginger Extract Inhibits T2 Bacteriophage Yield in E. coli, Mary Cranley

Ecological, economical, and social dependence on Coral Triangle tuna fisheries, Larynn Cutshaw

GEOG 499: Sustainability Seminar, Larynn Cutshaw, Eva Blockstein, Maddy Coalmer, Sarah Hanes, Emily Howald, James Ormerod, Elizabeth Sommerdorf, Sydney Spotts, and Ryan Zlatanova

Song Sparrows: As Temperature Decreases Body Size Increases, Always?, Kyle Davis

Broccoli or Candy: What Should I Feed my Captive Bird?, Kayla Eggleston

Intersectionality of The Alt-Right Group, Emma Felty, Ares Harper, and Mallory Griffith


An Algebra-Based Introductory Computational Neuroscience Course with Lab, Christian G. Fink


Emergence of Narrowband High Frequency Oscillations from Asynchronous, Uncoupled Neural Firing, Christian G. Fink, Stephen Gliske, William Stacey, Eugene Lim, and Katherine Holman


Understanding Spatial and Temporal Patterning of Astrocyte Calcium Transients Via Interactions Between Network Transport and Extracellular Diffusion, Christian G. Fink, E. Shtrahman, D. Maruyama, E. Olariu, and M. Zochowski

Review of A Time of Scandal: Charles R. Forbes, Warren G. Harding, and the Making of the Veterans Bureau by Rosemary Stevens, Michael W. Flamm

Urban Upheaval and the Enduring Appeal of Law and Order, Michael W. Flamm

Strategic Fouls: A New Defense, Erin E. Flynn

Apollo in the Aeneid, Lee M. Fratantuono

Pallasne Exurere Classem: Minerva in the Aeneid, Lee M. Fratantuono

Lucullus: The Life and Campaigns of a Roman Conqueror, Lee M. Fratantuono

The Ambiguous Arms of Aeneas, Lee M. Fratantuono

Queering Young Adult Literature, Natalie French

The Effect of Glyphosate on Feather-Degrading Bacteria, Serena George

The Economic Impact of Immigration into the United States, Robert J. Gitter

Child’s Best Friend: Is a Dog Visitor a Good Fit for Our Preschool?, Katherine Glenn-Applegate and Kellie Leggett Hall

Child’s Best Friend: Preparing for and Reaping the Benefits of a Dog in School, Katherine Glenn-Applegate and Kellie Leggett Hall