Submissions from 2015


MAP a Course for Your Museum's Future, Tammy Perakis Wallace

Submissions from 2014

Hronæs Ban: Exoticism and Prestige in Anglo-Saxon Material Culture, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

On Irish Shores: A Possible European Source for the Ulster Crosses, Carol Neuman de Vegvar


Review of Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture, 10: The Western Midlands, by Richard Bryant with Michael Hare, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Submissions from 2013

The Blythburgh Tablet: Envisioning the Wounds of Christ, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

[Artwork reproduced in] 500 Handmade Books, Jeff Nilan


[Artwork reproduced in] Horizon, Jeff Nilan

Submissions from 2011

Appropriating Victoria: Intercultural Transformations of a Visual Motif." Insular and Anglo-Saxon Art: Art and Thought in the Early Medieval Period, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Dining with Distinction: Drinking Vessels and Difference in the Bayeux Tapestry Feast Scenes, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Markers of Prestige, Emblems of Amicitia: Attributes of Secular 'Portrait' Figures in Insular Sculpture, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Submissions from 2009

E Unum Pluribus, Kristina Bogdanov


Thoughts on the Creation of the Artwork Holocaust Portraits: Victims, Perpetrators, Witnesses, Marty J. Kalb

Submissions from 2008

Photo Lithography Transfer on Clay, Kristina Bogdanov

In Hoc Signo: The Cross on Secular Objects and the Process of Conversion, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Reading the Franks Casket: Contexts and Audiences, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Submissions from 2007

Converting the Anglo-Saxon Landscape: Crosses and their Audiences, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Remembering Jerusalem: Architecture and Meaning in Insular Canon Table Arcades, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Roma Felix: Formation and Reflections of Medieval Rome, Carol Neuman de Vegvar and Éamonn Ó. Carragáin

Submissions from 2006

High Style and Borrowed Finery: The Strood Mount, the Long Wittenham Stoup, and the Boss Hall Brooch as Complex Responses to Continental Visual Culture, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Submissions from 2005

[Artwork reproduced in] 500 Brooches: Inspiring Adornments for the Body, Cynthia Cetlin

Submissions from 2003

A Feast to the Lord: Drinking Horns, the Church and the Liturgy; Objects, Images and the Word: Art in the Service of the Liturgy, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Interdisciplinarity and Medieval Studies: Method, Academic Discipline, or Illusion? A Response to Christopher Currie, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Romanitas and Realpolitik in Cogitosus's Description of the Church of St. Brigit, Kildare, Carol Neuman de Vegvar