Fine Arts Faculty Work



Submissions from 2019

The Best of 2019, Kristina Bogdanov

Challenging Borders: A GLCA Art Exchange, Kristina Bogdanov and James Krehbiel

Submissions from 2018

Workhouse Clay International Exhibition 2018, Kristina Bogdanov

Alfred Tibor and Marty Kalb, Marty Kalb

Spotlight: Featured Artists at the Ohio Governor's Residence, Marty Kalb

In a Strange Land: Anglo-Saxon Expats and Itinerant Objects in Ireland, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Submissions from 2017

Marty Kalb Retrospective, Marty Kalb

Wayfaring Strangers: A Case Study in Island Identity in Insular Metalwork, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Submissions from 2016

Perceptual Landscapes, Frank Hobbs

The Inaugural Juried Exhibition, Frank Hobbs

​Quadri Italiani, Frank Hobbs and Rosellina Avoscan

One Off: Monotypes, Frank Hobbs, Barbara Grossman, and Yvonne Petkus

Altars and Icons, Marty Kalb

Group Show, Marty Kalb, Dennis Drummond, and Barry Gunderson

Submissions from 2015

​25/25, Frank Hobbs

Fine Arts Faculty Biennial Exhibition, Frank Hobbs

Frank Hobbs: Vestiges: Recent Paintings and Monotypes, Frank Hobbs

Ohio Landscapes, Frank Hobbs

Solo Invitational Exhibition, Frank Hobbs

Canton Downtown Satellite Center Ohio Percent for Art Project, Martin Kalb

Exhibition in Conjunction with the Ohio Wesleyan University Theater Department Production of 'Kinderstransport', Martin Kalb

Re-Done, Tammy Wallace


MAP a Course for Your Museum's Future, Tammy Perakis Wallace

Submissions from 2014

100 Plein Air Painters of the Mid-Atlantic, Frank Hobbs

American Landscapes, Frank Hobbs

From Italy: Joseph Lombardo, Frank Hobbs, and Rosellina Avoscan, Frank Hobbs

Michael Hartwig, Frank Hobbs, and Christopher Stott, Frank Hobbs

Hronæs Ban: Exoticism and Prestige in Anglo-Saxon Material Culture, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

On Irish Shores: A Possible European Source for the Ulster Crosses, Carol Neuman de Vegvar


Review of Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture, 10: The Western Midlands, by Richard Bryant with Michael Hare, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Yield: Photographs, Books, and Works on Paper, Jeff Nilan

For the Love of Art: The Northwest Neighborhood Association, Tammy Wallace

Submissions from 2013

Landscapes, Frank Hobbs, Paul-Henri Bouguignon, and Richard Clem

The Blythburgh Tablet: Envisioning the Wounds of Christ, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

[Artwork reproduced in] 500 Handmade Books, Jeff Nilan


[Artwork reproduced in] Horizon, Jeff Nilan

Plainly Spoken: The 2013-2014 Guild of Book Workers Midwest Juried Traveling Exhibition, Jeff Nilan

Submissions from 2012

Paintings and Monotypes, Frank Hobbs

Submissions from 2011

A Closer Look, Kristina Bogdanov

Appropriating Victoria: Intercultural Transformations of a Visual Motif." Insular and Anglo-Saxon Art: Art and Thought in the Early Medieval Period, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Dining with Distinction: Drinking Vessels and Difference in the Bayeux Tapestry Feast Scenes, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Markers of Prestige, Emblems of Amicitia: Attributes of Secular 'Portrait' Figures in Insular Sculpture, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Submissions from 2010

Fourty-Fourth National Drawing and Small Sculpture Show, Kristina Bogdanov

The Best of 2010: Regional Juried Exhibition, Kristina Bogdanov

Submissions from 2009

5th Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale (CEBIKO), Kristina Bogdanov

Clay & Context, Kristina Bogdanov

E Unum Pluribus, Kristina Bogdanov

Ohio Designer Craftsmen's 26th Annual Exhibition, Kristina Bogdanov

Sculptural Perspectives: Regional Invitational Exhibition, Kristina Bogdanov


Thoughts on the Creation of the Artwork Holocaust Portraits: Victims, Perpetrators, Witnesses, Marty J. Kalb

Submissions from 2008

Exhibition, Kristina Bogdanov

Photo Lithography Transfer on Clay, Kristina Bogdanov

In Hoc Signo: The Cross on Secular Objects and the Process of Conversion, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Reading the Franks Casket: Contexts and Audiences, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Submissions from 2007

Exhibition, Kristina Bogdanov

Converting the Anglo-Saxon Landscape: Crosses and their Audiences, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Remembering Jerusalem: Architecture and Meaning in Insular Canon Table Arcades, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Submissions from 2006

Holocaust Series: Drawings and Paintings, Marty Kalb

High Style and Borrowed Finery: The Strood Mount, the Long Wittenham Stoup, and the Boss Hall Brooch as Complex Responses to Continental Visual Culture, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Submissions from 2005

[Artwork reproduced in] 500 Brooches: Inspiring Adornments for the Body, Cynthia Cetlin

Masterful Metalsmiths: Traditional and Contemporary Fine Metalwork, Cynthia Cetlin

Educators/Educated: Jewelry & Metals in Ohio, Cynthia Cetlin and Jonathan Quick

Drawings from the Holocaust Series, Marty Kalb

Made in Ohio/Diverse Sources, Marty Kalb

Submissions from 2004

Feats of Clay XVII, Phyllis Kloda

Starbrick Clay National 2004, Phyllis Kloda

Submissions from 2003

Holocaust Series: Marty J. Kalb, Marty Kalb

Variations. New Works by Marty Kalb, Marty Kalb

National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts Clay National Exhibition, Phyllis Kloda

Phyllis Kloda: Recent Works in Clay, Phyllis Kloda

A Feast to the Lord: Drinking Horns, the Church and the Liturgy; Objects, Images and the Word: Art in the Service of the Liturgy, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Interdisciplinarity and Medieval Studies: Method, Academic Discipline, or Illusion? A Response to Christopher Currie, Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Romanitas and Realpolitik in Cogitosus's Description of the Church of St. Brigit, Kildare, Carol Neuman de Vegvar