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A New Genre of Film: Fictional Documentary
Jessica Sanford and Kaillie Winston


Using Performance Art to Show How LGBTQ+ Organizations Address Issues
Joseph Thorp, Melanie Doweiko, and Madeline Oslejsek


Intersectionality of The Alt-Right Group
Emma Felty, Ares Harper, and Mallory Griffith


Mobilizing for Immigration Rights and Justice
Meaghan Teitelman, Robyn Madrishin, and Cindy Huynh


Chinese Assimilation in the United States through Immigration and Education
Marlene Polio, Grace Mitchener, and Breanna Riggle


Parrotfish Grazing Rates Effect on Algal and Coral Abundance
Abbigail Turner, Ingrid Hanson, Alexis Shomon, and Erin Magill

*Updated as of 10/16/17.